Home Security While You’re Away On Holiday

As the holiday season approaches and with the easing of restrictions, we’re all excited to get away for a bit and have a well-deserved break away from home. With this excitement, there also comes the fear of leaving our home and belongings vulnerable to intruders.

Before we go away, there are a few steps that you can take to help ease your mind.

Home Security While You’re Away On Holiday

1. Lock all doors and windows

The most basic step is to ensure all doors and windows are securely locked. The sight of a reliable security door on any home entrance can be enough to keep intruders out as it suggests difficulty entering.

The addition of roller shutters on any windows also increases difficulty for criminals as it adds an extra, durable layer of security.

2. A reliable security system

If you have a security system, ensure it’s all set before you leave. It might be wise to let the alarm company know of your leaving. An alarm system will also let you check in on your house while you’re away.

3. Alert neighbours or friends

A good idea might be to arrange for a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on the house every now and then while you’re gone. Someone may be able to turn on different lights to assist in criminal deterrence if you aren’t able to control lights remotely. Some police departments can also conduct checks on homes of people that are holidaying.

4. Pause mail deliveries

A stack of mail or deliveries can alert people that there is nobody home. It’s encouraged that you pause any deliveries you’re expecting to arrive on your return or, again, get a friend or neighbour to go around and collect any pile-ups.

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