Introducing Obstacle Detection Motors

Worried about forgetting your awning windows open when closing your Roller Shutters? Or accidentally leaving something under your Roller Shutter? SP has introduced the Obstacle Detection Motor! Now you can rest assured that the window that was left open or anything else in the way will be detected by the Moto Motor allowing you to clear the area without any damage being caused.

SP Shutters, Doors & Blinds are industry leaders in introducing the much needed Obstacle Detection Motor. Obstacle Detection Motors are great for awning windows, doorways and alfresco areas.
Using your group control remote, you don’t need to worry if you missed closing an awning window. You can rest assured that the awning window that was left open will not damage the Roller Shutters as it winds down. Once the Roller Shutter hits the window it will stop and retracts slightly allowing you to close the window before you close the Roller Shutter. Perfect for all the awning windows upstairs plus peace of mind and protection for all.

Introduced by SP Shutters & Blinds Moto motors are the first in the marketplace with Obstacle Detection Motors.

A must for awning windows and doorways!