The History of Awning in Melbourne

Awnings are an extremely useful and stylish addition that help to provide shade, protect against the elements and maintain a comfortable home interior. They are not, however, a recent invention, but have actually been utilised to better homes and commercial spaces since ancient times.

The History Of Awnings In Melbourne

Awnings In Ancient Times

There has been awning use documented in Syria and Ancient Egypt, originally made up of hides or woven materials that were hung on poles to provide shelter. A large retractable structure was also used to provide shade for seating of the Colosseum in Rome, made up of linen and timber as well as pulleys and ropes. It is said that sailors were used to build and operate this large awning due to their knowledge in the making of sails and rope rigging.

It was in the mid-1800s that awnings began to be used in the domestic setting, becoming a common attraction in homes and storefronts. During this time they were generally made of canvas or cloth, as simple ways to provide shade.

Modern Awnings

As technology advanced, window awnings morphed into the reliable, durable and attractive structures that we know them to be today. A major improvement to the ancient awnings mentioned above, is the technological systems developed to pull the awnings open and closed, making operation easier for everyone to use. It has come as far as operating awnings using an app on your phone! Tough synthetics fabrics have been developed that have a longer lifespan as well as a wide range of colour and pattern choices. They are also able to be manufactured in a larger range of sizes, shapes and frames allowing easy customisation and ensuring a perfect fit for any window.

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