Café blinds, also known as side-winder strap down awnings, provide brilliant protection against changeable weather conditions. They are operated with a gear box/crank system or fully automated and are perfect for verandas, patios and pergolas.

Features & Benefits

  • UV protection
  • Can be held down by dock clips or straps
  • Available in range of colours, made from a choice of canvas or UV stable PVC in clear or tinted
  • Keeps out unwanted rain/wind while retaining views
  • Simple to roll up when not in use
  • Joining zippers allows you to zip other patio blinds together for larger spaces
  • Heavy duty tracks

SP Automatic Awnings will keep your home at a comfortable temperature and reduce your cooling bills in summer. For residential or commercial purposes, awnings are an efficient way to cool your home by blocking heat from direct sunlight. They are easy to use, operated with a pull-down rod that hooks into a bottom rail and can be positioned at any height.

SP Automatic Awnings are available in a range of colours, made from a choice of canvas, acrylic or UV stable PVC.


Our fixed guide awnings are ideal for double or multi-storey windows on residential or commercial buildings. They are spring loaded and you can choose to operate the awnings with a rope system (internally or externally), or via an internal crank handle. There is also a motorised option.

SP Fixed Guide Awnings are available in a range of colours, made from a choice of canvas, acrylic or UV stable PVC


SP Folding Arm Awnings provide a robust option for larger patios and commercial installations. They are constructed around a 40mm x 40mm square bar and the system can span up to 12 metres in width and project up to 4.0 metres (we recommend awnings over 4 metres span to be automated).

Features & Benefits

  • 70mm & 78mm galvanised top tube
  • 7:1 Gear box as standard
  • Streamlined heavy extruded front bar
  • Optional extendable front valance
  • Heavy duty arms with stainless steel chain
  • Projections from 1600mm to 3600mm
  • Optional pitch control to allow maximum sun and rain protection