Commercial shutters area a sleek way to close off your working area and add security from outside elements.

Serving Area Closed Shutters WM

Commercial roller shutters are available in 55mm, 40mm or see-through options. All have a heavy-duty profile and can be used for light, commercial installations. They’re perfect for closing off bin areas at shopping centres, areas in car parks, to close off serving areas or to protect the scoreboard at your local sporting club. Our commercial shutters can cover areas up to 12sqm and powder coated to suit your needs.

Serving Area Closed Shutters

240V Electric Automation (Brands: MOTO, Somfy, Shutter Supplies)

  • Push button and/or key switch operation
  • Remotely operated obstacle detection motors
  • Either wall switch or remotely operated manual override motors with crank operation
  • 1, 5 or 15 channel remote controls

Battery operated motor (Brands: Somfy, MOTO, OzRoll, Shutter Supplies)

  • Somfy wireless RTS
  • E-Port Series 12V motor with wall controller
  • Shutter Supplies 12v motor with remote control

Manual Operation

  • Manual winder with stainless steel cable
  • Pull or cord winder
  • Spring operated with lockable bottom bar