Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are an affordable protection that works to keep heat out of the home. They are a great addition to any home, and at SP Shutters, Door & Blinds we believe affordable protection shouldn’t come at the compromise of style.

The preferred choice for home insulation, roller shutters work to keep heat out and maintain temperature. They are also great noise barriers for those living on busy roads, reducing noise transfer by up to 50%.

At SP Shutters we can install roller shutters on almost any window or door opening. Whether we’re working with an internal or external canvas, we service homes across Australia to tailor a stylish solution for any requirement. Our slats are filled with polyurethane foam which can provide up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer, meaning customers can enjoy a significant saving on energy bills. A slight curve in the slats ensures the smallest box size to maximise lateral strength whilst providing added security and a neat, slim finish.

Our customised roller shutters at SP Shutters can be operated via remote control or an easy-to-use phone app, offering innovation, convenience and efficiency from the comfort of the home.

Uncover our range of roller shutters how they can work for your home.

What are the Benefits of Roller Shutters?

With over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry, we offer innovative knowledge as we tailor our products to each home. We have the expertise and scope to match the right products to any unique need, and the professional team to ensure your expectations are exceeded.


Our sturdy roller shutters add an extra layer of security to the home, ensuring the safety of customers is at the forefront.


Increase levels of privacy in the home with our domestic roller shutters, allowing residents to always feel protected.

Australia Made

Australian made and tested, we supply a quality product that exceeds expectations whilst meeting Australian Standards.

Light Control

Easily control the amount of sunlight entering the home, protecting the interior from any sun damage.

Genuine Warranty

Experience value for money with our warranty policy that puts the client first.

Noise Reduction

Enjoy the benefit of a great night’s sleep with noise reduction properties when shutters are completely closed.

Insulation Properties

Temperature control is made easy with our shutters, resulting in significant savings in heating and cooling.

Easy to Use

A wide variety of automation is available to complement our products, from switch on wall to phone apps. All motors are certified to Australian Standards.