Security Doors

Our range of security doors are smooth-operating, protective and custom-made for your doorway! With the options of hinged, sliding and stacker doors in aluminium or stainless steel screens, we’ve got your home covered.


Available in heavy-duty aluminium or strong, marine grade 316 stainless steel, our security doors offer the ultimate privacy and protection for your home.

From our sound, stainless steel mesh design to robust, perforated aluminium, the composition of our doors offers enhanced strength and immunity. Our heavy-duty, aluminium, one-way vision design is an option that reinforces privacy.

Our variety of doors are weather-resistant and tamper-proof, and all are equipped with the Austral triple locking system. The new Push 2 Go Austral lock is an option that adds protection at the push of a button—perfect for your front door.

Tailored for you and dependable, our security doors are the right option for your protection.

I'm happy with this guys work. Did a great job!

– Ernesto, R Sydenham VIC