Tips & Tricks

I have awning windows and I am concerned that if I have remote controlled roller shutters I could accidentally damage either the window or the roller shutter

No need to worry. SP has recently introduced obstacle detection motors. If you use your group setting and close all the shutters the one with the open window will stop when it detects the window open.

Can I lock my security from the outside without deadlocking it from the inside?

Yes you can if you have an Austral lock! Normally when you fully lock the door you turn the key to the 5 o’clock position. If you stop at the 4 o’clock position the door will be locked from the outside and only snibbed closed on the inside.

My manual roller shutter is stuck. Do you have any suggestions before I book a service to see if I can fix it myself?

What we can suggest is to gently pull on the bottom bar as sometimes the cables twist sightly when you wind or unwind the shutter in a hurry. Give it a try and if it doesn’t work call 1300 883 993 to book for one of our experienced technicians. It is important to know that a manual roller shutter must be wound up and down slowly. If you are experiencing continual issues you may want to consider converting to a motorised option.

I have a battery-operated roller shutter and the motor is no longer working after 9 years. Is it possible to convert to electric?

Yes, we can definitely convert battery operated roller shutters to 240V Electric shutters with either a switch on the wall or remote controlled motor.

I am building a new home and have awning windows. Can you put fyscreens over the winder?

Yes we most certainly can! There is a special aluminium section that sits over the winder. We cut out a section onsite and the winder fits into the cutout. The flyscreen is then placed on top and secured in place.